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Special Streaming Servers – 1 Gbps (unshared) – Special Servers
Special Streaming Servers – 1 Gbps (unshared) – Special Servers
February 18, 2012 |
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  Due to the very huge demand of the streaming servers, WebCare360 has decided to officially announce that now we are providing special streaming servers to cater the needs of the streamers. The main feature of the streaming servers are as;

  • 1 Gbps (Unshared Connection)
  • 100TB bandwidth / 33 TB bandwidth
  • 24×7 useable connection
  • Offshore / Onshore location
At some locations we allow 100TB bandwidth per month so the amount of the bandwidth will depends on your budget and the location choice. For offshore location, you never receive any DMCA complaints, neither we’ll force to to remove your channels. (Locations : NL / RU/ RO/ SW). But, keep in mind that you are in need of a dedicated server with dedicated port of 1 Gbps so don’t expect that you will able to get server within 300Euro’s. So, don’t tell us 300Euro’s for an offshore located server is too much costly 🙂 For other locations, DMCA complaints will be forward to you and you will be given 24 hours approx. to comply with the complaints. We already have many satisfied streamers with bulk orders, so we may select orders of our choice. You will pay for the quality service and we assure you, you’ll be loving that 🙂  

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