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Our New Dedicated Server
Our New Dedicated Server
December 29, 2011 |
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  Recently, we had our dedicated server with HostKey.ru. The Russian server has served us amazingly, for 4-6 months and everything was smooth. As, there was no DMCA complaints and the connectivity was awesome. But, recently, we had issue as some of our clients hosted illegal material (child porn) and had done some extensive spamming by abusing our server IP’s. So, as a result our IP’s got black listed. This was the main reason we have to look for another secure, reliable and powerful datacenter. So, we decided with Ecatel LTD. We, have already leased our new server with Ecatel Ltd, and been enjoying the performance of our new server for the last 3 weeks. Our, new server specifications are; – Intel Xeon X332312 GB RAM2TB HDD1 Gigabit Uplink Is that not really amazing ;). Our new server is purely offshore witch 99.9% uptime (Guaranteed) and we will ignore all DMCA complains. But be sure we will not bear any Spam/Child Porn.

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