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New Offshore Dedicated Server In Romania !!
New Offshore Dedicated Server In Romania !!
January 14, 2012 |
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http://i.imgur.com/RTuiJ.png   Whokky !! New Offshore Dedicated Sever is leased in Romina. Server specifications are: HP ProLiant DL120 Generation 7 Xeon [email protected] cores, 8 threads, 8MB # 23 8 GB ECC DDR3-1333 (PC3-10600) Dual Rank x8 2 HDD x 1,5 TB SATA3, 7200rpm, 6Gb/s, 64MB cache 1 ports x 1 Gbps internet connection 1 Gbps Unlimited Traffic 2 public IP addresses (one for management) Permanent iLo3 Advanced KVM prin Internet; power on/off; remote DVD/ISO Protection against undistributed DoS attacks Server location : Bucharest

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