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Linux/Unix based web hosting
Linux/Unix based web hosting
December 29, 2011 |
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Definition: Linux/Unix based hosting refers to the web hosting that is provided on Linux/Unix Operating System platforms. There is not much difference between these two types of operating systems. Some issues regarding Linux/Unix based Web Hosting: Reliability: Unix-based platform is one of the most reliable ones but it will solely depend on maintenance of professionals. Thus, superiority and constancy of Linux-based web hosting would not depend on some sudden system bugs as the OS consistency itself protects your web site operating reliability. • Usability: Earlier, Linux systems were used only for professionals and no inexperienced person used it. In last couple of years, the scenario has changed. The providers have tried their level best to make user friendly approach and comfortable use of OS. In case you are a beginner, you will find friendly control panels, which include Web interface. If you are an experienced user you can control your website by means of shell. • Functionality: In context to functionality, Linux differs from most from other popular platforms. Linux/Unix can handle many processes that occur at the same time. This gives you a possibility to get more from the server. Scripting languages & databases available for UNIX: UNIX supports a wide range of application languages. Most common type of applications includes C, C++, Shell, Perl, Tcl, Java, Python & PHP. Databases include mSQL and mySQL. You can choose anyone depending upon your need and hosting. Why to choose Linux/UNIX hosting? • The Linux/Unix-based platform is probably the most stable and secured. • All existent scripts, like PHP, function best when using the Linux-based web hosting. • Linux/Unix based web hosting upgrading possibilities increase when using Shell and Telnet access. • Linux/Unix is most widely used in comparison to other Operating Systems. • A web site designed to be hosted on a Linux based web server can be hosted on a Windows web server easily, whereas the reverse is not true always.

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