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Latest News About The Shared/Reseller Clients
Latest News About The Shared/Reseller Clients
May 25, 2012 |
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Dear Clients, Please read this email carefully, this includes all the important news about the server for the last 36 hours and our future plans. Rightly about 48 hours ago, there was attack on our servers from a group of the hackers, who intentially launched DDOS attack on the server and tried to take down the server. But, we sucessfully mitigated the DDOS attack and after that hackers tried to delete the data on the server though one of the clients site who was using a exploitable script for his/her website. But, due to the high server security hackers was unable to demage the data but a few services on the server got corrupted. So, for the last 36 hours we have been doing security audit on the server to make sure that everything is secure on the server. Please, note that there is no data loss for any client but we still require some time to get things going. Now we have decided to upgrade our server for the shared / reseller hosting clients from HP i7 to Xeon E-3 with 16 GB RAM. So, advise you not to update your websites and please wait until the we migrate our server. We’ll send you an email when the process will be completed. Also, please note that if you are getting any issue/bugs on your website, those will be fixed on the server migration. If you still have any question please feel free to ask. If you will be unable to access our billing system you can directly email us webcare360[@]live.com   Regards, WebCare360 Management We Host Your Dreams http://www.webcare360.com

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