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Getting The Shared Nodes On Track !!
Getting The Shared Nodes On Track !!
July 5, 2013 |
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http://imgw.co/images/2013/07/05/images.jpg   Recently, we have had some abuser clients on our shared hosting nodes, which really caused us a big headache as the clients were using the server resources more than the allowed limits and being complaining by their-self  for high CPU load. As, a result we have some downtimes on one of our shared hosting server. After which, we have decided to go for the policy of Find & Kick-out the abusive clients. So, we planned the strategy to check each domain hosted on the server. We found that some of the domains which the clients used during the signup were even not registered yet and the clients were using the hosting services for the Spamming or other abusing activities. Some other were found hosting the private booters on the servers and a few more un-pleasent activities were found on the server. All the users/clients found guilty for the abusing activities were terminated straight-forward; and as a result We are forced to design and implement the new following rules:

  • Any domain name used during the signup must ping back to our server IP; any failure to meet the requirement will result in the account being suspended.
  • Free domains; .co, .cc, .tk, .o.nr etc; are not allowed.
  • Public RL / torrent trackers / Stresser (DoS originating) / Phishing Sites / Scam Sites are not allowed in any way on Shared Nodes.
  • Any hosting account should not consume / result more that 25% of the total CPU load for 90 seconds.
This step is taken to ensure the improved service quality to our clients who sometimes suffers becuase of the abusive activities of the other clients. For latest news / updates / promotions, please, join us on # FB @ http://www.fb.com/WebCare360 # Twitter @ http://www.twitter.com/WebCare360 If you have any question, feel free to ask by opening a support ticket or sending an email at support@webcare360.com

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