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DDoS Protection Is Now Active‏
DDoS Protection Is Now Active‏
January 16, 2013 |
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http://www.webcare360.us/images/2012/10/26/uotHr.png First of all we are really regretful for the instability and disturbance in our service over the past few weeks and we know that you might have to face some frustration because of the issue.The issues started with some small SYN_Flood attacks which turns into huge ddos attacks as massive around 1Gbps. Our existing DDoS protection was unable to filter the attacks and the attacks were spoofed DNS attacks, that make it more difficult for us to locate attackers. Recently, in our last blog post we mentioned that we are working on our new and more effective DDoS protection. So, here is the great news; Our new DDoS protection is active and fully functional from the last 24 hours. After the installtion of the new protection there was some misconfiguration over the server because of which clients were still having some problems, but now everything is proper and functionally stable. A features of our new DDoS protection is as under;

  • – DDoS Protection upto 10Gbps
  • – Layer 4 & 7 Protection
  • – PPS : ~10,000,000
  • – TCP SYN Flood Filternation
  • – HTTP(S) Flood Attacks Filternation
  • – TCP ACK Flood Filternation
  • – DNS Amplification Attacks Filternation
  • – TCP SYN-ACK Reflection Flood (DRDoS) Filternation
  • – ICMP Echo Request Flood Filternation
  • – TCP IP Attack Filternation
  • – UDP Flood Attack Filternation
Compensation for downtime: We know that recent down-times may cause you some monetary losses, so we will be offer effected clients a discount of 25% for next month’s invoice. This compensation is only valid for the clients on the current/effected server. To avail the compensation please open a support ticket before paying your invoice. If you faces any issue/problem, have any suggestion or need any assistance, feel free to ask us. E: support [@] webcare360.com W: http://www.webcare360.com/ http://www.webcare360.us/images/2012/10/25/NOLAq.png       http://www.webcare360.us/images/2012/10/25/QMYLC.png       http://www.webcare360.us/images/2012/10/25/H6tBr.png

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