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About Recent Downtime – Update !
About Recent Downtime – Update !
November 29, 2012 |
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http://www.webcare360.us/images/2012/10/26/uotHr.png We know the previous downtime was one of the worst that we had till now. But, that doesn’t mean that we don’t know what we are doing and what quality of service we are providing for the last three years. Actually, there are always some limitations for us and for everyone. So, it happened to us. We have active DDoS protection against big attacks upto 600-700mbps. But the recent DDoS attack was much of high intensity that we could not mitigate it and even the one of expensive device Fortinet Fortigate 310B was not enough for that. So, we had to find some alternative, that could help us to save the data and put server back online in the working condition. The server is stable for the last 24 hours, and we are sorry for all the inconvenience being cause for the disturbance in the service due to the recent attack. We insist our clients to use Cloudflare on top of their IP to lessen such problem. We are here to help customers to have cloudflare setup for betterment of their portals. See full detail tutorial here: What Is CloudFlare & How To Enable CF We always have been trying to give the quality service, and already been working hard to find a permanent solutions for such problems in future.   WebCare360 – We Host Your Dreams E: support [@] webcare360.com W: http://www.webcare360.com WebCare360 @ FB     WebCare360 @ Twitter     WebCare360 @ Daily Blog

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