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Feb / 14

Say No To Payza (AlertPay)

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The title tells the story. Today’s post is not about any server news or any tutorial about the web-hosting, its a simple guide to give you an inside about the Payza story so you should avoid the Payza.

Since, from our start we have been using Alertpay and never had any issue with them. In the start we had a personal account with them but later on we upgraded our account from Personal to Business Account due to the high volume of transactions, we have provided all our business and contact details to Payza and never think they can react like a hungry baby in future.

The funny part starts a few weeks back, when we received some emails from our clients that they are unable to make payments via Payza, and when we tried to check our account we saw this at the login screen;


This was indeed, a kind of joke to read, as there was no notification email from Payza. So, decided to contact them by opening a support ticket and after a couple of days they bother to response with the lamest argument,

Thank you for your reply.

We apologizes for the inconvenience. Due to suspicious transactions processed through your account we are no longer able to continue a business relationship with yourself.

Fraud Prevention Analyst

This was something which gave us something to laugh and we replied back to them with;

Well, this doesn’t make sense in any way.

What exactly you mean by suspicious transactions? If you do have any question about any particular transaction you should have asked for some verifications about that transaction.

We did provided the business information in your system, all the transactions were made via the billing system. But. If you still want to restrict the account what about the FUNDS in that account?

In the mean while, started a little bit about the Payza habit of grabbing a few funds by their this account closing strategy and found some really interesting feedbacks about this, some of those are;

  • Stop_Using.jpg
  • Payza_Support.jpg
  • Hungry_Payza.jpg
  • Sucks.jpg
  • Hungry_Payza.jpg
  • Payza_Fale.jpg
  • Payza_Sucks.jpg
  • http://imgw.co/images/2014/02/01/Scam.jpg
And these were not only the findings, there are too many comments/experiences to share but seems like we already had wasted our enough time and money with Payza. Like one of the comment already shared, they are bunch of the greedy jobless trolls, who will never release the money. So, if you are still using Payza, better to; Say No To Payza otherwise they’ll kick your a** and grab your money.

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